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2013-07-16 11:36:50 by Viper7070

I don't know why I uploaded those songs, Please don't judge me based on those. I was really bored back then and didn't know much about music actually. I was just trying to see what people thought about the current state of my music making skills, or lack thereof. I tried uploading at 80 kbps back then, makes my ears hurt when I listen to it now.

Deleted a bunch of crappy songs off my audio

2008-12-19 13:36:32 by Viper7070

Most of them were works in progress and just didn't sound good at all in their current state. Hoping to learn how to use FL instead now, I've messed around with the trial for years but still need to read up on those tutorials.


2007-09-22 16:25:10 by Viper7070

Yea, I've got some music up, but most of it's old things I made in Sonic Foundry ACID when I was younger. Some of it might be catchy to you, never know, but it has a problem with getting repetitive. Just lettin you know..